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When you hire a photographer to take pictures for your business you expect them to create images that are unique to your business. As a photographer what I do to get these unique or creative images is first I need to meet with the client. In consultation with our client and with other creatives such as an advertising agency we create a team to find out what is most interesting and different about that business and how we can capture that uniqueness in images and or video. So this takes some time you have to look around their business then think about it. Also studying the client’s industry to see what others are doing in another market can often help the creative process. We don’t want to copy what others are doing but also not re-creating the wheel so to speak. So there is an investment of time by the photographer in order to give you the client the best imagery for your business. As a photographer all we have is our talent, experience and time and our goal is to put all these together to make images that will separate your business from your competitors. And I believe this will be a key ingredient to help you grow your business. Most business owner’s know that owning a business is not a get rich quick endeavor it take’s a whole lot of hard work and literally thousands of good decisions over time to have a successful business. Don’t drop the ball when it comes to imagery hire a creative, thoughtful photographer to get you the imagery that will create a uniqueness for your venture and that will be a key ingredient for your success.

juds-barber-shopt_09-18-17_kelly-morvant-photography-8925juds-barber-shopt_09-18-17_kelly-morvant-photography-8925 A lot of things have to come together to create wonderful images. Jud's Barber Shop is one of those wonderful clients who know what they want and we could add to that knowledge and create some great images.  A unique place with great characters is Jud's Barber Shop in Broussard, Louisiana. Check out the image here: If you need haircut go see Jud. If you need photography call me at 337.962.5432.

Thank you!


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Lake Martin for the Love of a Place. 10 Years Later. Lake Martin for the Love of a Place.
10 Years Later

I don't have a boat.  I enjoy the lake even without a boat.  I need to get a boat.
Sights, sounds and feelings from the lake.  It's truly sensory overload if we just stop and feel it.......soak it all in. Descriptions just don't do it justice you need to be there absorbing it all.

Why would you go to the same place for ten years?  It's impossible to explain in words, especially but equally a challenge to describe in pictures even if the pictures move.

It was foggy, very foggy on the first day. I truly didn't know which way to turn. Large Great Egrets were right near the road swooping in to work on their nest. The sounds of wings swooshing through the very still air. Little did I know that this was in some ways the beginning of the end. It was 2004 and I thought the birds were in need of an air traffic controller there were many, so many, in such a small area. For a long time that year I never made it to other parts of the lake. I came to this one spot where the birds were and I didn't go any farther. Later, in early 2006, many of the birds left and the birds that stayed moved further from the road.  As of this writing they have not come back in such great numbers as in the past.  

People come from all over the world to the lake for various reasons, to fish, to take a swamp tour on a boat, take pictures, see alligators, and just to enjoy the outdoors. I went to take pictures of the birds. My wife's friend, I don't even remember her name now, came to our house and said she had just gotten a new camera and asked me about a good place to take pictures so I suggested Lake Martin. As I was saying the words Lake Martin I thought perhaps I should take my own advice.  So I went on February 28th 2004 and just kept going. 

I hope you don't mind rambling because I'm a bit of a rambler....

It's my sincere hope that maybe these pictures will move you. 

As I look over the pictures a flood of memories come to me. Early mornings shooting out of the window of my car. Great friends, new and lost. My wonderful friend Charlie Hohorst Jr. whom I met again at Lake Martin. I had known him a little from his retail store back in the 80's. Now I would see him at the lake on a regular basis. Charlie was always willing to share his photography knowledge he was an excellent nature photographer especially birds in flight. I miss him......he died from cancer in 2012.

Once the lake was frozen in a few areas and the Great Egrets were trying to land like it was water and they did splits on the ice. It was quite humorous to watch for a bird nerd like me. One day there was a White Pelican taking part in a Cormorant fish herding party getting his share of the fish. As I was standing there taking pictures a guy walked up to me and said he had lived near the lake for ten years and had never seen a Pelican in the there before and I haven't seen one since.

Here's to 10 more years!

Thank you for reading.


Kelly Morvant Photography
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Lake Martin 10 Years CollageLake Martin 10 Years Collage

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Pipe So I got a call from my customer Jonathan Yentzen and he wanted me to get some interesting shots of his family business Coastal Pipe of Louisiana.  So I'm thinking uhmmm pipe?  I was scheduled to go early in the morning around 6:30 AM to capture the really nice light.  So I wake up at around 3:00 AM thinking about the shoot.  How can I make these pipes and the pipe yard cool?  It certainly helps with my creativity to be familiar with the operation and this was the situation as we had been shooting a video for Coastal over the past few weeks.  As I lay awake I'm thinking about the forklifts hauling pipe quickly all around the yard.  I began to visualize a shot of forklifts holding pipe in the foreground and the office with the sign in the background. This might make for an interesting shot.  Since the pipe yard is such a large area a panorama would be nice.  Thank you so much to Jonathan and his family for indulging me and allowing me to work for them.  It is my hope that they like the pictures as much as I enjoyed making them.  

Thank you for reading!


So hear are the shots:

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Great Horned Owl By Kelly Morvant

A while back I was hired to make some pictures of the local courthouses throughout Acadiana.  I had gotten all the images except for the St. Martin Parish courthouse in St. Martinville, Louisiana which was being repaired.  Early one morning I went to see if the courthouse repairs had been finished but it was still not complete.  Well, since I was still wanting to take some pictures I headed out toward Lake Fausse Point.  I turned on a state highway and noticed in a grove of live oak trees what looked at first glance to be an owl.  So I turned around and parked right near the trees and spotted a Great Horned Owl.  I had never seen such a large owl it was beautiful.  So I'm shooting as the Great Horned owl swoops down into the tall wet grass to capture what appeared to be large insects.  Later I spotted a squirrel so I thought great, I'm going to get the best shot ever the owl swooping in to capture the squirrel!  Well before I know it  the squirrel is right next to the owl and they look like best friends. I was disappointed that I didn't get the shot I wanted but it did make me smile you just never know what to expect from nature. 

I hope you enjoy the images!





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Digital Machining Systems By Kelly Morvant


I've recently had the honor of shooting images at Digital Machining Systems owned by Jim Carter.  Digital Machining has been in the business of manufacturing superior small parts for various industries for the past 20 years.  There was such a wonderful group of people at Digital.  Everyone was easy to work with and didn't mind me running around snapping photos and disturbing their work processes.  I used a 50mm lens at f2.0 along with available light so I could move fast and minimize my impact on their work.  The goal of the photo shoot was to capture the excellence of Digital Machining's hard working men and women who are affectionately called "Digits" by the business owner Mr. Carter.  A lot of collaboration goes on there and so the teamwork was a great aspect of their work which was quite easy to capture with little to no posing.  I also interviewed many of the "Digits" about their work and they described their favorite aspect of Digital was that their co-workers were like family.  I am truly honored to provide images for the Digital family and I hope my pictures live up to the excellence that the "Digits" put into their manufacturing.  

Thank you for reading!


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Being a Photographer By Kelly Morvant

As a photographer one of the best parts of my job is the wonderful people I get to meet and all the different things I get to photograph.   One recent job was an evening social and the next day a seminar......yarn.  The seminar's speaker was a former counterterrorism agent named Fred Burton and he's currently an international security expert.  As he was droning on with his PowerPoint all of a sudden the lights in the room went off and in a few seconds the room was taken over by "terrorists."  These "terrorist" strapped a "bomb" to one of the audience members and revealed that all the table centerpieces were also "bombs."  It was quite an interactive presentation and a challenge to photograph because it was dark in the room and they wanted me to minimize my flash use.  In short order the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's SWAT team came in and "killed" all the bad guys, rescued the audience and disarmed all the "bombs."    Then Mr. Burton never missed a beat as he continued his presentation.  After the presentation I was also fortunate to get a copy of one of Fred Burton's books and really liked it tremendously and now I'm enjoying his other book.  The first book I read, "Chasing Shadows,"  is the story of Fred's lifelong quest to bring an assassin to justice, I recommend it highly.  His other book: "Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent" which I am reading now is also excellent.  So I'm thinking you never know where a job might lead you.  I was thinking this would be a regular boring seminar and it ended up being very informative, fascinating and interactive.  My client asked that I not post any of the pictures online so that is why there is no image for this blog post.

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Jefferson Island By Kelly Morvant

LiveOakInTheMist-WinterFogBW_JeffersonIsland-9065 I have had the wonderful pleasure of spending a great deal of time at Jefferson Island relaxing and photographing.  Rip's Rookery, the Jefferson Mansion, Live Oak Gardens and everything in between.  It really is a peaceful and fascinating place.  Rip's Rookery is a bustling home to so many birds such as the Roseate Spoonbill, Tri-Colored Heron, Snowy Egret, Black Bellied Whistling Duck, Great Egret, Little Blue Heron, Ibis and Cattle Egret.  At dusk these birds fall like rain onto the little island at Rip's Rookery.  If you like history you will certainly enjoy the Jefferson home filled with period antiques it really takes you back to a different time. You can almost feel the ghost of actor Joseph Jefferson walking through the main hall on his way to the hunt.  The gardens are home to the lovely Asian Lotus flower among so many other breathtaking flowers.  Everywhere on the property beauty abounds like the wonderful and always curious Peacocks.  Sunrises and sunsets are very beautiful and so peaceful on the property.  If you ever get the opportunity to spend a day at Jefferson Island I highly recommend it.  When you go by I hope you get to meet the wonderful Mike Richard he's the principle owner and caretaker on the Island for the last fifty years.  He is always willing and able to tell you about the many wonders of historic Jefferson Island.

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Roseate Spoonbills Feeding Time By Kelly Morvant

Roseate Spoonbills mom feeding immatureRoseateSpoonbillAdultFeedinImature_JeffersonIsland-8844 It pays to be aggressive when Mom shows up with the goods.  If you've never watched Roseate Spoonbills they are certainly a joy to observe.  In this instance Mom (on the right) flies in to feed her babies who are now almost as big as she is.  This interaction on first glance looks like a mugging.  There is a flurry of pink feathers as the young ones aggressively "attack" Mom for the food.  Adult Roseate Spoonbills have a pouch just behind their spoonbill shaped beaks where they keep the food usually crawfish or other small aquatic animals. This is an image I took from Rip's Rookery in Jefferson Island, Louisiana. Enjoy! 

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